Everything you Desire


I am very happy that you found my content section. I have a lot to show you.

Since I am a content creator/model/professional companion,

I am pretty sure that you will find what you are looking for, wether you are interested in companionship or not. 

On my instagram you can find some modelling pictures and some of my art . 

If you are interested in professional companionship then please send me an email and then we can talk about our options. I like to travel abroad as well If you wish to spend some more time with me.

also If you have any special interest you can also let me know about that I am quiet flexible but of course I have my limits too but as It has been said many times ,communication is the key, so DON`T BE SHY and speak up. But first think about these


What is it you desire? What did you always want to do? What is could make you tick? 

is it a steamy night at my place ? or would you like to go somewhere exciting? 


If you have your answer I`ll follow your lead 


 so My content is all about art in one way shape or form. I work a lot on my contents because they give me pleasure to do something creative, either we are talking about my instagram or my erotic content, there is always some kind of a story or life experience behind it.





~Hera Diavola~


Hell yeah! here is the deal. You will find many videos and some pictures which you will be interested in.




Not much here yet either! Updates are coming soon 


If you are interested in my modelling and latest erotic art you can find it in here. 


You won`t find much in here but some comments maybe a few pictures but updates are coming as soon as I will have time 


same as instagram but with less of my pictures 

Wanna catch up? 



M`kay! So here we go! If you got this far you are a champ! But I am pretty sure 

that you are by now quiet convinced that I won`t bite you that hard- maybe a little tough ;)


So while you are here let me share some details of my style of dates and attitude and interests. 





My dates are all about relaxation, humour and fun. I am pretty light hearted and I like to make a joke out of pretty much everything. I enjoy conversations as much as the physical contact itself. 

think about it like that. You have booty call with an old friend you used to know for many years. No awkward converstaions, No time pressure, No stress.

Have a glass or wine/ champagne or coffee and just lay back and enjoy the ride. 

I also like to experiment on my dates. If I see something which I like , I wanna try it. 

For example:

I just bought some lava stones and I learned how to do massage with them, It turned out pretty good and there were no complaints - to say the least-and the person survived it, so I think It`s all cool :D 

I also have plenty of tools to experiment with so I am opened for suggestions.

but of course we are talking about intimate accounters here, so I get back to the topic:


Lets start with what I enjoy doing...

Everything as long as It does not risk either of our health and safety- you know what I mean


what I expect from you...

clear communication about what you would like us to be upto in our date


easy as it is!


so now that you have read a bit more about me and my style please let me know how, where , when do you want to catch up. 



Please smash the contact button down below,

like there is no tomorrow

and let just meet up




Hera Diavola